Why Grow Organic Foods?

There is a great deal of popular culture discussion that involves the word organic these days. Organic gardens are sprouting up everywhere and organic produce filling the shelves. For this reason, you may be considering growing your own organic garden but are unsure just what benefits can come from putting your hands to soil and starting. The following information explains the great attributes and benefits that come from making a portion of your yard an organic foods growth spot.



When building an organic garden, there will be hard work involved. There will be days where hours will be spent tending to your garden and getting all of your plants up to par and growing successfully. If starting your garden from scratch or maintaining the organic growths, there is something that is very self-esteem affirming about growing your own garden. It sounds a bit odd but seeing something that you helped create, from tiny seed or seedling to full plant, can be exciting and fun. You will feel as if you accomplished something by nurturing a plant throughout its life successfully, and this sense of fulfilment is a well-earned one. It should be a source of pride and this self-esteem boosting pride is a great personal benefit of choosing to create an organic garden near your home.



There is no doubt that eating organic foods is a great way to boost your overall health and the health of your body. Many foods that are not grown organically have been grown in an area where chemicals are used on the plants. They are used to not only boost growth unnaturally but also to kill weeds and insects that can hurt the growth. These may be noble causes, but the use of these chemicals can lead to seepage into the foods themselves. Therefore, when you eat these foods you are indirectly absorbing these toxins as well. If you grow an organic garden, however, you can see many of your foods from start to finish and know exactly what has been placed on or near your plants. Chemicals will not be used that you do not want and you can be ensured that the foods you are eating are healthy and safe. This is one of the top reasons that organic foods are chosen and also why organic gardens are planted.


Helping the Community

There are many ways that organic gardening can extend its benefits beyond your particular property line. Growing an organic garden can help to restore balance to the earth that will benefit nearby soil as well. It can help to replenish and nourish the ground this can spread. It can also be a way to benefit the economy and health of your community as well. By selling products at a local farmer’s market that you have grown in your garden, donating the items to those in need, or providing your family and friends with your organic wares, you are actually spreading healthy options throughout the economy, at a lower price than many large growers will provide, too. When you provide these organic and home grown foods to people in your life, a little love will go with them as well!

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  1. Joan Beauchaine says:

    Organic foods are the best since they dont contain so many toxins compared to synthetic feed foods which might contain melamin and some contamination chemical preservatives. .’”*,

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