5 Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips

If you are new to organic vegetable gardeningorganic vegetable gardening then these tips are essential in making sure that you grow the best vegetables that you can and without having too many problems from bugs and insects.

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1 Healthy Soil

Getting the right soil is essential when it comes to organic vegetable gardening so it is important to make sure you mix the soil with a nice compost, this will ensure that the soil has all of the vital nutrients needed for growing your lovely, healthy vegetables.

2 Companion Planting

Growing plants that have a strong scent along side your organic veg can attract the nasty insects away from your vegetables. This is one of my favourite ways of keeping the bugs at bay.

3 Making your own compost

I find that it is so much better to make my own compost out of tea bags, vegetable peelings, bits of newspaper…. basically anything that you would normally just throw away. (within reason of course)

4 Natural Pesticides

Experimenting with natural pesticides can be a very rewarding and a simple way of keeping the bugs away from your vegetables. For example, you could try using a lemon grass plant to repel the mosquito’s, or if you plant garlic around fruit trees, it will repel borers. So if you are having problems with a specific insect or bug then it isn’t too hard to just look up a way of using a natural pesticide to deter them.

5 Wildlife Is Your Friend

While organic vegetable gardening, having an abundance of wildlife is a fantastic way of keeping your vegetables healthy.

These 5 tips will ensure that you are able to produce some fantastic vegetables and not have too many problems with them being nibbled on.

But if you are fairly new to organic vegetable gardening and would like a method of growing delicious vegetables without any of the usual problems organic gardeners face then i would strongly recommend the Food4Wealth program as it completely takes the guess work out of your gardening and is ideal for first time gardeners.

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8 Responses to “5 Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips”

  1. Hi Jane,

    Love your website, lots of useful advice for organic gardening,

  2. Tricia Taylor says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your gardening tips and got some great ideas from them! I like the one about keeping pests away from your veggies by growing natural pesticides such as lemongrass. I have tried this and it works! Also you can pick the lemongrass and make a lovely cup of tea with it!

  3. All of this “talk” of yard work is wearing me out :) What did the carrot say to the wheat? Lettuce rest, I’m feeling beet.

  4. Great site! Super info that you’re sharing. You can get a fairly inexpensive camera with a macro settings and go crazy taking pictures of your garden! Best, Linda

  5. Kerri Rounds says:

    I bought a garden tiller and it has helped me get more done

  6. Thanks for giving us some reliable suggestions on this topic. I have found a great variety of reliable recommendations about gardening and some poor ideas. Do you have any more savvy information or places on the Web that I can find more detailed recommendations? This would be very much appreciated! Either way, keep up the good work!

  7. David says:

    Some great suggestions. It’s great to know how easy it is to eat your home-grown fruit and vegetables, free of chemicals and pesticides.

  8. cheng jun says:

    thank you,jane

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