Should You Get a Greenhouse or Not?

Should You Get a Greenhouse or Not?

A greenhouse is basically a structure which is partially air tight which allows it to maintain a certain temperature and level of humidity over long periods of time. It is generally translucent, which allows it to capture incoming sunrays, which in turn heat up the air inside the greenhouse. The reason greenhouses are so widely used is because more often than not, plants are accustomed to surviving only in certain temperatures and humidity conditions. If you want to grow vegetables in winter, for example, you’ll need a greenhouse. You’ll need a greenhouse if you want any exotic plants to grow all year around in your garden. This isn’t such a bad idea really. There isn’t much of a reason why anyone would want to reject the possibility of having such benefits all the time.

You don’t have enough space

This could be one of the main reasons why a greenhouse isn’t for you. If you don’t have enough space in your backyard, then you obviously don’t want a greenhouse as it’ll take up the little space you have left. Greenhouses need a certain amount of space to be of any use. If your backyard doesn’t support this, then you shouldn’t be thinking of getting a greenhouse yet. With little space, the greenhouse won’t be able to function properly, and won’t have enough room for a good amount to plants to thrive in it. It becomes a bad investment, and you’ll probably be getting rid of it sooner or later.

You only grow seasonal plants

If this is the case, then you certainly don’t have the need to get yourself a greenhouse. Greenhouses are only used to help non seasonal plants thrive, and since you’re only going for the seasonal or all year type, it leaves little for the greenhouse to accomplish for you. Use your garden as you’re already doing so, as getting a greenhouse will only become a hurdle in your path because you won’t really be using it for anything.

You live in a humid and warm area

If you live in an area which is already warm and humid, leaving your plants in a greenhouse will likely cause them to wither and die out. The natural humidity and temperature you have are already perfect for growing all sorts of plants, and you have absolutely no need whatsoever to get yourself a greenhouse.


You only need a greenhouse if you’re living in an area with cold, dry and unpredictable weather. If you want spring flowers to bloom all year in your backyard, then you should definitely opt for a good greenhouse. Make sure you have enough space in your backyard because greenhouses can take up a lot of space. You need a large enough backyard so that the entire area doesn’t become stuffy due to the greenhouse being present there.

Getting a greenhouse is generally a recommended idea, as it leaves open the possibility of growing all sorts of plants whenever you want.