Plants that require little light

Plants that require little light

There are plants that don’t require the usual amount of light in order to survive. Some plant can live happily with a smaller amount of sunshine in which regular plants would wind up dead. The main benefit of these plants is that you can keep them inside the house without the fear that they’re not getting enough as chances are that they’re nice and comfortable where they are. You don’t need to reshuffle the furniture in your house just so that the plant could be next to a window in order to receive sunlight. The fact that it doesn’t require too much light gives you the flexibility to have the plant anywhere in your house from where you’re comfortable, and from where the plant looks best and fits in with the rest of the room where you’ve decided to put it, making it look artistic.

Don’t worry about trying to find the right kinds of plants which you want to keep inside your house. We’ve prepared a list of the plants which don’t require too much sunlight and can look exquisite inside your house and make it look much better.

1.     Dracaena

Dracaena is a gorgeous plant which can make any setting look completely marvelous to look at. What once may have been a dull room will start looking quite exotic and beautiful with this plant inside it. The thick stems on this plant combined with its flat and long leaves make it really nice to look at. Choose a great pot that goes with it and you’re all set! Now, the plant may not require sunlight, but does require watering and pruning. So don’t end up neglecting it thinking that the plant is completely self-sufficient. Remember not to over-water it, as there isn’t any sun contact that can evaporate the excess moisture on the plant. Adding to much water to the plant can end up killing it. Also, don’t forget to prune the plant every now and then in order for it to maintain its artistic look.

2.     Bromeliads

Perhaps even more beautiful and picturesque than the dracaena are the bromeliads. This plant has an amazing and ecstatic exotic touch to it, and makes the entire room feel vibrant. It doesn’t need sunlight at all, and is even able to grow in luminescent light, which is the artificial light coming off tube lights and bulbs. The flowers on this plant are a striking yellowish orange, while the leaves are thin and long. This plant is sure to make an excellent entry to just about any house.

3.     Parlor Palm

Lastly, we have the parlor palm. A bit generic when compared to the plants given above, this plant looks great, but has the resemblance of palm leaves, as the name of the plant suggests. This plant doesn’t require sunlight either, but should be watered occasionally. Don’t get this plant to stand alone; make it pair up with one of the plants given above for maximum effect!